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Monday, September 6, 2010

Nothing for Something

The eyes of the Lord are toward the righteous, And His ears are open to their cry. Psalms 34:15 (New American Standard Bible

Ever gotten into a conversation with someone whose eyes dart around for someone else to talk to or even in the middle of your conversation calls to someone across the room? I believe all of us have been offended at someone we were talking to who was doing their best to ignore us. I believe that many of us feel that is mostly how our relationship is with God. I suppose if we are truly honest many times in our Christian experience we feel like we are getting nothing for something. We talk, we pray, we worship, we do good works and it seems we hear nothing but silence from God’s side. Is He there but looking for somebody else to talk to?

God is eternal and omniscient; He has perfect understanding, insight and knowledge and He has always existed. The good news is if that’s the case then He has thought of you forever along with every human who has lived or is yet to live. Isn’t that awesome that you and your story have been in the loving mind of God for eternity? Ever have someone love you who is far away? Is their love diminished because they don’t interact with you all the time? I would say that love exists in a spirit of confidence and trust. Even though you can’t hear their voice or see them you rest in the assurance their love for you is deeply true and enduring.

Even though it may sound like it’s a one-sided conversation with God His ear not only hears your voice of prayer He hears your every thought. God rewards those who seek Him (Hebrews 11:6). Be strong and let your heart take courage, if your hope is in the Lord. He is in total control of your life even when He’s quietly observing. His not speaking shows a depth of comfort and relaxed relationship with those He loves. There is no awkward silence with God. He’s there for you and His love is as true as the first day you fell in love with Him. Even in the quiet times His grace is always an offering of something for nothing.