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Sunday, July 5, 2009


And He is before all things, and in Him all things hold together. Ephesians 1:17(New American Standard Bible)

Have you ever heard of laminin (lam-eh-nen)? I recently learned about it and in doing so my view of Christ as Creator was once again vindicated. Laminin is the cell adhesion molecule that holds our bodies together and is the body’s reinforcing steel, like human “rebar.” I was pretty astounded at what this little protein molecule does but was even more amazed when I saw the basic structure of it. In the last few years science has been able to identify what this molecule looks like. Its physical properties remind us of both Christ the Creator and Christ the Redeemer. Below is a picture of what it looks like. If you Google laminin you can see an actual molecule of it that was magnified by an electron microscope.

The Word of God tells us that everything that is was made by Christ and there is nothing that exists that was not made by Him (John 1:3). But the holding power of Christ goes far beyond this incredible molecule that He made for us to hold our bodies together. Jesus said that everyone the Father has given into His hand will be held by Him and not be cast away or lost. His holding power is beyond anything we can imagine and is proof on a daily basis that His Almighty power keeps us, protects us and encourages us in the meaning of who He is as our Creator and God. He holds us through any and all circumstances. Does Satan hold the upper hand? He may for a brief moment but history has shown that all his devices are outwitted and overcome by the mighty Wisdom and Power of Christ who is God in the flesh. Christ is the Creator of all things and even more the Lord of all things. He has all authority and is interested in us down to the molecular level and even to the smallest details of our lives, thoughts and needs. He holds us in His hand and will not let us go (John 10:28). Laminin may be the glue that holds our bodies together but Christ Jesus is the power that holds us in His hand and no occurrence, power or thing will be able to snatch us out of it. How special, loved and cared for we are by the Maker of all things. We are truly marked for majesty.