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Monday, February 23, 2009

Double Vision

Now it came about when they had crossed over, that Elijah said to Elisha, “Ask what I shall do for you before I am taken from you.” And Elisha said, “Please, let a double portion of your spirit be upon me.” 2nd Kings 2:9 (New American Standard Bible)

Elisha was a disciple of the prophet Elijah. As the time approached for Elijah to leave this life he asked his young disciple what he could do for him before he was taken away. Elisha’s immediate reply was for a double portion of the mighty Spirit of God evident in the older prophet. Elisha wasn’t looking to be twice as popular as his mentor or to do twice as many miracles as Elijah had done. Instead of asking for material power and popularity Elisha was asking to become the spiritual successor of Elijah and to carry on the ministry of the Holy Spirit among his people. He had vision for something greater and to have a ministry doubled in power. Elisha had double vision.

Having double vision sounds like a pretty serious affliction and physically speaking it isn’t something we want if we need to drive around town. But double vision of the Spirit actually increases our inward vision. It empowers us to see opportunities to encourage and positively touch the lives of others.

Jesus said if we abide in Him and we allow His Spirit to abide in us we can ask whatever we want believing and He will gladly give it (John 14:14). We can receive much more of God’s strength as we ask Him to fill us daily to overflowing with His Holy Spirit. At this present time we don’t need to go to Elijah for One greater than Elijah is listening and willing to grant our request for a double portion of power. Because of the finished work of Jesus Christ we can now go straight to the source. The request is simple and can be made daily; “Holy Spirit overflow me today with a double portion of Your Presence and Power, Amen.” When we do we don’t need to feel the hair on our arms standing on end or expect to see ourselves glow in the dark. Praying that prayer is a step of faith and God is always willing to honor faith. As we pray this prayer on a daily basis we will begin to see His hand working in our lives in miraculous ways. As a man Elijah was willing to see his disciple receive his earnest request for more of God’s Spirit. How much more willing then is the Spirit Himself to pour into us His power? He’s very willing and all we need to do is ask Him. Spiritual double vision isn’t a serious affliction, it’s better than 20/20.

Holy Spirit thank You that You filled us and sealed us when we first believed in the finished work of Jesus Christ. Please, allow a double portion of Your power to be upon us that we may be better equipped to carry on Your work among the men, women and children we walk among today.