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Monday, April 27, 2009

Breakfast on the Beach

And so when they got upon the land, they saw a charcoal fire already laid, and fish placed on it, and bread. John 21:9 (New American Standard Bible)

The world of Jesus’ disciples had been turned upside down after His resurrection. The Master they thought they’d lost had never really been misplaced. His Heavenly Father knew exactly where He was those three days after His crucifixion. I imagine it was all a bit to take in for guys like Peter, James and John. When life became a little too much for Peter one evening he said to his buddies, “I’m going fishing.” Some of the disciples chose to go with him. They got in their boat and pushed out about 100 yards, casting their nets all night but catching nothing. But as the sun rose a man they didn’t recognize walked onto the beach and asked them how it was going. When they told Him they’d caught nothing He suggested they put the net over the right side of the boat. As they pulled in the net it was so heavy with fish they couldn’t get it in the boat. Some disciples had to bring another boat to help drag the catch back to the beach.

Where God guides, God provides. It became aware to them that this mysterious stranger was none other than Jesus Himself. He had already prepared a charcoal fire, laid some fish on it and prepared bread and invited the boys to bring some of the 153 fish they’d just caught and join Him for breakfast.

Peter said, “It’s the Lord!” Wow, how many times have I suddenly turned around after a discouraging time of labor to find Jesus standing there so intensely interested in how I was doing? Why am I so amazed that I cry, “It’s the Lord”? I am moved by this account that the King of Glory was acting in a servant’s role having built a charcoal fire, laying out a meal for His disciples. Do not kings require that done for them? This King was meeting the needs of His own by seeing to the littlest details. He just doesn’t meet some of my needs but all of them. He looks out for me and you. The little details may not seem that important but I’ve always found Jesus is very interested in them and goes to great length to see they are complete. He just doesn’t help me catch my fish and says, “OK, you caught ‘em, now cook ‘em.” He’s already on the beach with the charcoals glowing and the bread ready to eat. Breakfast with the Great King is a study in how He takes care of the smallest details.